Friday Features Week 14 – Where the Edge is by Grainne Murphy

Friday, September 11th, 2020

This week we are reading the intriguing new novel by local author Gráinne Murphy – ‘Where the Edge is’.

As a sleepy town in rural Ireland starts to wake, a road subsides, trapping an early-morning bus and five passengers inside. Rescue teams struggle and as two are eventually saved, the bus falls deeper into the hole.

Under the watchful eyes of the media, the lives of three people are teetering on the edge. And for those on the outside, from Nina, the reporter covering the story, to rescue liaison, Tim, and Richie, the driver pulled from the wreckage, each are made to look at themselves under the glare of the spotlight.

When their world crumbles beneath their feet, they are forced to choose between what they cling to and what they must let go of.

‘Where the Edge is’ is available now in Kinsale Bookshop or order yours now by emailing us at:

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